Using the Binary Options Trading Signals Service

With an innovative approach to binary options trading, one of the most sought-after binary options signal providers at the moment is Binary Option Trading Signals. Offering highly-effective signals that boast a success rate of wins as often as eight out of 10 trades, this tool is a great one for novice and experienced investors.

Consider the following details about the Binary Option Trading Signals service:

Traders using this platform have achieved up to an 85% win rate, with profits of as much as 35%.
The service offers a full refund for unsatisfied customers if filed within the first 30 days of use.

The service costs just under $100 and charges are due bi-weekly to continue to use the service.
All trades are suggested by real people, rather than through the use of a computer analysis. This also means that traders can benefit from the real-world knowledge of the people that they are following, learning more about how and why certain trades are recommended.

Types of Assets Traded

Unlike other providers that only offer a select range of asset types, Binary Option Trading Signals has an expansive collection of assets, including currencies, stocks, and other indices.

All of the trade signals that are offered come from the owner of the company, who is simply known as “Franco” within the trade system. The trades managed by this entity can include basic high-low decisions, minute-long contracts, and numerous other kinds of trades.

How the Signals are Provided

A lot of the other signal providers on the market today send what are known as “blind” signals, in which the investor receives information about a suggested trade that they can choose to act on, but do not really have any idea of the reasons why the trade is being suggested in the way provided. With Binary Option Trading Signals, traders log in to a membership website where they can view the real-time activities of the primary trader.

It is important to note that the information included in this service is only available during a very specific window of time. Signals are offered only between the hours of 9:30 in the morning and 11:30 in the early afternoon, Eastern Standard Time.

This advanced method of signal delivery also includes a feature that allows the various users within a set trade group to be able to speak to each other about the trades that they are making based on the signals provided. Coupled with a chat feature that allows information to be passed to and from the primary trader, this builds in a powerful educational tool within the signal platform that is simply not available through other services.

At the most, investors that use this service can expect to see about five signals offered every day. This is about average for a signal providing platform, although users get the extended benefit of seeing the kinds of analysis being performed in real-time to make the trade signals suggested.

For an average trader, taking full advantage of the trades suggested at the reported 8 of 10 win rate means that an investment at $100 for each trade suggested could bring about $240 in profit daily.

Win Rates with This Service

Most of the signal providing services on the market today average about 60-70% success on their trade signals. With Binary Option Trading Signals, an average of about 85% has been regularly reported.

Expected Costs for the Service

At the current time, charges of $97 bi-weekly are required to continue to use this service. While this may seem high to some investors, the high payoff rates and educational opportunities available through this service make it worth the additional cost.

Other Basic Considerations

While this particular style of binary options trading is not for everyone, it does offer a number of benefits. Not only can traders experience the flexibility of the service, as some trades are offered in 15-minute windows in which various 60-second strategies can be employed and repeated as desired, but they can also easily compare their results with others using the same service in real-time. This means that the traders involved in the service all have the chance to hone their trading skills.

With a regularly daily service window, traders can also plan their trade activity a little bit more easily, making it much more simple to make investments without having to be active all day, every day.

Overall, the Binary Option Trading Signals platform has a lot of great benefits to offer to its users, whether they are new to the world of binary options or simply want to improve their trading strategies. With a built-in community of successful traders, compatibility with binary trading robot solutions, real-time views of the analysis and research being performed by the signal provider, and the ability to be flexible within the platform, this company offers one of the best signal platforms on the market.

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