Paul Krugman Considers Cryptocurrency Industry A Place For Illicit Activities

Paul Krugman, an American Economist, is known for winning Nobel Prize in 2008, condemns the industry of cryptocurrency by stating that the only use of this space is for illegal transactions and tax evasion. He commented these words in reaction to an article published by Bloomberg regarding the U.S. infrastructure bill. A lot of criticism has been faced by the bill due to a lot of reasons, and the one having the key importance is the regulation imposed on the “brokers” to report the IRS (Inland Revenue Service) about their crypto transactions.

The bill was approved without tolerating any amendment about the clarification of the term “brokers.” However, the supporters of cryptocurrency, such as Cynthia Lummis (a Republican), consistently protested against the bill as the definition of the term “brokers” is much comprehensive. Nevertheless, some divisions relating to the evasion of crypto tax have been stimulated by the bill, which is considered by Krugman as well as many others to be the primary utilization of crypto.

Bloomberg Author asserts crypto and tax cheats go side by side

An article on Bloomberg was related to a negative representation of the crypto industry. Alexis Goldstein, the author of the article, asserted that the crypto industry was intentionally manufactured to avoid tax procedures. He stated that deficiency in many prominent crypto platforms’ provision of tax information does not relate to a technological limitation. Rather it is a deliberately designed plan. Specifically, Goldstein focused towards decentralized finance and characterized it to be a place permitting nebulously administered platforms to carry out transactions via programmed market makers.

While exploring the examples, she mentioned the token airdrop of Uniswap that took place in 2020’s September. Goldstein said that at least 400 UNI tokens were given to the qualifiers, with each having a price of $3. Nevertheless, she added, the exchange did not assist the consumers about their tax liability; thus, they ignore it or moved to the third-party firms that charged hundreds of dollars for generating tax forms.

Krugman stated, by 2005, the internet would fail

Krugman, in 1998, famously noted about the internet’s fall by 2005 according to Metcalfe’s law, bringing about drastic effects on the overall economic system. He was criticized for a long time for having such a viewpoint. Again, for categorizing crypto customers as criminals and tax cheats, some among them have re-hashed his quote regarding the internet, and some stated that his view befits the prehistoric period.

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