Saxo Bank Review 2019 – Enjoy Secure and Stress-Free Trading

Saxo Bank Review by Free Forex Robot

Saxo Bank Review When it comes to Forex trading, one of the largest retail Forex brokers on the planet is none other than Saxo Bank. This broker is regulated heavily in several countries, including Denmark, its own country where it was established in 1992. Saxo Bank is one of the oldest ECNs available to institutional … Read more

EverFXGlobal Review: How EverFXGlobal Empowers Traders for a Successful Trading Career

EverFXGlobal Review by Free Forex Robot

EverFXGlobal Review Comparing the many brokers when you are about to start trading can be a challenging task. With so many brokers that provide similar services, it can be difficult for you to decide which one will be best for your trading career. However, going in details a little can reveal a lot of things … Read more

XTB Trading Review – What’s Causing XTB Trading to Get More Popular with Time?

XTB Trading Review When you want only the best broker for your trading requirements, XTB  Online Trading might be a suitable option. There is a lot of reasonability behind this statement. You should not make a firm decision before reading this complete XTB review. No matter how good a broker is, you can always find one that sounds even better … Read more

Novel Algotech Review – Propriety Forex Trading System

Novel Algotech Review

Novel Algotech Review This review investigates whether the new Novel Algotech trading signals and robot software is legitimate, or is it just the newest scam on the block. It was rumored that this system is able to make consistent profits, and we’ve received several emails from followers with positive feedback. This has prompted us to … Read more

TradeFW Review 2019 – A Regulated Environment for Trading at


When you wish to start trading in the cryptocurrency or forex market, the first thing you need to look for is a reliable and trustworthy broker. How else will you conduct your trades? This is where TradeFW comes in. This is a new European brokerage that was established in May 2018. It is owned by … Read more

Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum Drop Double Digits in Huge Cryptocurrency Sell-off

Bitcoin is struggling but cryptocurrencies known as “alt-coins” were faring much worse on Tuesday. XRP and Ethereum both dropped by more than 12 percent and the entire cryptocurrency market lost $19 billion in 24 hours, according to “The crypto market seems to have hit panic mode,” says Matthew Newton, analyst at global investment platform … Read more

Knowing Your Forex Trading Platform In Detail Before Trading

An important thing required to enhance your trading experience is the right trading platform. You might be a seasoned trader in forex market but you wouldn’t be able to make the right decisions unless you have the right platform for you for trading. By right trading platform we mean a platform that gives the latest … Read more

(Contract For Difference) CFD Trading Signals

A contract for difference (CFD) is essentially an agreement between two parties, in this case it’s between a buyer and seller or trader and broker. Specifically, a CFD means a seller, the broker, will have to pay the buyer, the trader, the difference of an asset’s current price from its contract’s value. In the event … Read more

All About Forex Indicators – Moving Averages, RSI, MACD

Forex indicators are widely used by technical trading analysts to help them decipher price charts for finding accurate buy and sell signals. Every Forex indicator has its own unique mathematical and visual properties. While there are hundreds, even thousands of technical Forex indicators out there, there’s really only a handful that are worth knowing and … Read more

Wonderful Tips to Assist You Choose the Very Best Online Trading Platform!

Online Trading refers to trading activities that are web based, without a broker’s direct involvement. The internet has in actual fact compiled worldwide trading opportunities for the eager trader and brought it to his desk. From here, he is able to trade for options, stocks and forex. The eTrade caters for the online trader who … Read more

Forex Time (FXTM) Broker Review 2018

Established in 2012,, or FXTM, is the brainchild of Andrey Dashin, the creator of the popular Alpari Forex firm. Their main office is a five story tower in Cyprus, they also have offices in London and Belize. FXTM is subject to regulatory oversight by several financial regulators, including: Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) International … Read more