Novel Algotech Review – Propriety Forex Trading System

Novel Algotech Review

This review investigates whether the new Novel Algotech trading signals and robot software is legitimate, or is it just the newest scam on the block.

It was rumored that this system is able to make consistent profits, and we’ve received several emails from followers with positive feedback. This has prompted us to investigate, and the results are now out.


novel-algotech-reviewThe Novel Algotech is a trading signals platform. It provides you with signals on Forex, commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks and indices.

You can trade the signals directly from the Novel Algotech platform, but you can also use the Auto Trading mode to have their robot place the trades for you on auto pilot.

The official video from the Novel Algotech website, is beautifully produced and shows that these people are not shying away from investing in their product:

This nice video doesn’t necessarily mean it is a profitable system, but it was a good start, and we were looking to actually test this system with live real money.

Is The System Profitable?

To test the system, we opened an account and deposited $250. This gave us access to their platform, which seems well built, stable and easy to operate.

It is quite an ordinary looking signals platform, but of course what counts is the algorithm that’s operating behind the scenes, analyzing the market and producing the trade signals.

There’s a choice between automated and manual trading via a simple “on/off” switch. We chose the auto trading, so that we can see the system in action without our intervention.

Trading on Autopilot

After the initial set up, we left it to run on auto pilot. There’s no need to leave the platform window open, it is connected directly to your brokerage account.

After a week of uninterrupted operation, we were pleased to find that it made $385, on top of the $250 we originally deposited.

At the end of the second week, account is already up by another $390, and third week another $423. At the end of the testing period, our $250 turned into $1,448.


These are excellent results, and in line with the feedback we received from followers of this blog. If you’re also running the Novel Algotech, please share your findings below in the comments. Our conclusion is that this system is a legitimate and profitable trading strategy, definitely worth using.

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