Geneticrypto Review – Is Geneticrypto A Recommended Forex Broker?

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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Geneticrypto review for your reading pleasure.

Geneticrypto Review

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As a trader finding a platform is really important because it helps to access the financial market. Without a proper platform, it is very difficult to trade assets. The risks of this field, especially since it is online now, are unavoidable. Therefore, finding a platform that would suit you the most is the best way to go.

One of the top ones is Geneticrypto, and I decided to write a Geneticrypto review so that our readers know what to look out for. When traders work with good platforms, it can offer them some ease whilst trading but at the same time provide them with ways to avoid serious risks of trading in the market.

Many traders or investors are not that knowledgeable about the financial market and its many features, which is why they struggle a lot in the beginning. By working with a platform, a lot of this is provided as brokers teach their customers and train them so they can manage trades.

A trading platform also provides users with access to trading assets. These are the most popular forms for investments in the contemporary world and provide their users a lot of benefits. In terms of the future, these assets are very promising, so a lot of people are choosing this option. This is also why there has been a major rise in people joining online trading.

People are attracted by the thought of making really high profits that are not limited at all. Therefore when customers invest in an asset or a platform, they are in search of the option that will provide the highest returns. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you can join the financial market as it welcomes everyone, although it should be at your own risk.

This means that as a participant in the market, you have to take responsibility. You also have to learn how to trade all the tools that will help and strategies that would provide more profits. The more experienced you become, the lesser the risk would be because, essentially, you would be making decisions that are well calculated and thought out properly.

This is why brokers exist because the purpose of a broker is to help its customers by providing the means and way to achieve goals. So the first step for a trader is to find a trading platform that would be able to help them achieve their goals and be specific to the requirements of a user. Then through a broker, traders also get the chance to access trading tools and equipment that would help them in the financial market.

When you start looking for one in the market, you will come across many brokers. Each one has some sort of service to offer, but mainly they specialize in providing a list of trading products to traders or investors. These trading instruments are really diverse, and customers get the chance to trade those that are most suited to their needs and requirements.

This includes options such as indices, commodities, currency pairs of forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and CFDs. On the one hand, traders prefer trading various instruments so that their experience is more broad and so that they can access different benefits within the market.

On the other hand, some traders invest in only one trading instrument and focus on trading that. This way, they become more specialized and experienced with one trading instrument and are able to handle it better and generate lots of revenues.

So it really depends on what the customer is looking for, then you can choose the broker that offers a service parallel to your needs. As of recently, cryptocurrencies are the most sought-after trading instruments. This hype had started out in 2009 when bitcoin was first introduced in the market.

Bitcoin was also the first cryptocurrency to be introduced, and its success led to many others being created and introduced in the market. This is why you should choose a broker that helps you with trading the asset that you are most interested in.

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Why Should You Choose Geneticrypto?

Customers nowadays struggle the most with finding a broker that is really trustworthy and reliable. This is why we bring Geneticrypto to the reader’s attention, as it is a remarkable trading platform. This brokerage firm was first introduced in 2016, and it has managed to become quite popular since then.

One of its most recognizable features is that it remains a legitimate broker, and customers of Geneticrypto openly acknowledge that the site is very safe and comfortable to work with. It also caters to many different customers by carefully designing packages that would cater to such diverse needs and wants.

There are many other features too which make Geneticrypto such an outstanding trading platform. These will be discussed in detail so that traders know what they are in for. So continue reading to find out what makes Geneticrypto such a good broker in the financial market.

Regulation Of Geneticrypto

Usually, platforms display their security policies and other important information on their site, if they have any. This way, customers can easily read it before making up their mind.

It is expected that many customers would be wary of any platform as everyone is aware of the rise in scams that the financial market has been exposed to. This is something that Geneticrypto is aware of, and it understands the concern of all users in the trading market. To make its users feel more at ease and comfortable, as well as ensuring that their trades are of the best performance, it has taken a lot of steps.

Firms that usually end up being scams and manage to get away with stealing from their users are unregulated firms. So the first thing that should ease your concern is that Geneticrypto is a regulated brokerage firm. This basically means that financial institutions monitor Geneticrypto, checking all its transactions in order to tell if any money laundering or any other financial crime is being committed.

The second factor which customers have positively responded to is the policy incorporated, which keeps the traders’ and broker’s funds separate. Now you may be curious what is meant by this. It basically means that Geneticrypto has segregated accounts for all its customers and brokers. This procedure prohibits any mixing of a customer and broker’s money. This way, the broker cannot access your money even if it wants to.

Trading Market

The forex market is amongst one of the most popular financial markets. And the word forex is a mix of foreign with the word exchange. This market had become a really popular one the same time that Bitcoin was introduced. Satoshi Nakamoto was the person who had created Bitcoin and started this wave of digital currencies.

In the beginning, bitcoin was not very successful, but after 2017 its market value increased rapidly and in a dramatic way. This was unexpected, but the people who had invested in it became millionaires. That is when others realized how profitable bitcoin was, and so they started investing.

Although many other cryptocurrencies have been released into the market, bitcoin is still the most popular. One of the reasons why these cryptocurrencies have become such a major hit and people are really in favor of it is because it is decentralized. This means that no individual or institution can control it in any way.

And the forex market is the one which is the most popular as all its users manage to make a lot of profits in no time. This is why the list of people wanting to join the market is really long. However, one thing you have to remember is that you need a broker to trade in the forex market. This means that no user can trade independently. This rule once again reinforces the need to have a broker in order to be successful in the trading market.

But just like how there is very high competition in every field, even the forex market has outpouring numbers of brokers present in it. This is a factor that often confuses traders further when they are trying to choose the right broker to go with because it takes a lot of time, and a lot of brokers appear the same.

This is why Geneticrypto is a good option because it is one of the leading brokers. The platform is regulated. Thus you know that there is no chance of being scammed. Geneticrypto also gives access to the forex market. This way, all of its customers can participate amongst the best traders and increase their profits.

Security At Geneticrypto

No matter what person is a part of the financial market, security is equally important for everyone as it ensures that by becoming involved, no harm can be done, whether it is by stealing anyone’s sensitive information or getting a hold of the funds illegally. This is why when you start looking for a broker, you should carefully choose one. This would help you to avoid any unnecessary scams that could result in you losing your assets.

Traders should be very wary when they are choosing a broker because if they make the wrong decision, then it will only be them suffering. When a trader comes across a platform that is reliable, they can easily trade without constantly stressing. This plays an important role in the trading performance, and seeing as Geneticrypto is very concerned about its performance, it has ensured that no harm should come to customers.

This is why it has also implemented really important security policies. These ensure that any person with ill intentions is recognized prior to even accessing the site as a user. To protect users from accessing any customer’s sensitive information or anyone’s funds, Geneticrypto has chosen to encrypt the platform.

The SSL encryption has been used, and it stands for Secure Socket Layer, which turns everything into code. This way, no third person can access nor understand what is really being protected.

As another extra security system, it has also built a firewall to protect the platform against hackers. This ensures that no cyber activity can be carried out on the site. But this part also includes customers cooperating because you have to submit documents that would prove your identity and make sure that no more than one account is created on one person’s identity.

Global CTB security

Customer Support

Another thing that many customers are very particularly concerned about is the way that the platform deals with them on a personal level. This includes helping them when needed, being available, and managing customers in a professional manner. Usually, a lot of brokers are very helpful until they secure the customer, but once the user has deposited the amount, they do not become accessible after it.

There are so many users who are new to trading, brokers, and markets, and they need all the help they can get. Therefore a good broker is one that is available to help its customers and has taken all the measures in order to be of use to its customers.

Geneticrypto is one of a kind, as it really puts effort into its customer support system. No matter how complicated the process is, Geneticrypto never lets the customer leave unassisted. To ensure that help of all sorts is available, the users can refer to the FAQ section. If that does not provide the assistance they were looking for, then they can just email or call the site up.

This way, they get to interact with the professional team and get help really quickly. The other option is to have a live chat which is available on the Geneticrypto site. Whatever the problem is, you will get the chance to interact with a team of professionals that are really experienced. This service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Payment Methods At Geneticrypto

Users of Geneticrypto are very lucky as this is a platform that ensures that the trading experience of every user is truly exceptional. What brokers often do is that disregard payment methods as being unimportant and think that any method should work for all.

But this is not true, traders are all different, and no method works for all traders, which is why a broker that accepts different methods is the best. This allows users to choose the one which is the most convenient and would allow them to access their funds whenever they want.

Geneticrypto ensures that all its customers get the options that they want by accepting a wide range of methods. These include credit or debit cards, which can be Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard. If not, then you can also choose a wire bank transfer.

Users can also deposit in the form of cryptocurrencies if they wish to do so. The last option is e-payments, and you can choose from Skrill, Neteller, or others. Another good thing is that Geneticrypto does not charge anything extra for depositing or withdrawing funds.

Lots of Accounts at Geneticrypto

Something that customers really enjoy has different accounts to choose from. This allows the diverse needs and wants to be achievable. Because every trader is different, they all cannot use the same account type because the level of experience is different. Not every trader can afford really high deposit amounts, which is why brokers that create many accounts are best.

At Geneticrypto, you will recognize that the accounts are very carefully made. They are deliberately made really flexible because this helps users to find the one that would be affordable, have the features that they require, and allow them to receive the revenues they want. This is why Geneticrypto offers its users a total of 6 accounts.

The first one is called the basic account, and to unlock this, you have to deposit $250, and it is best for beginners. Users will get customer support 24 hours constantly during six days. They all get to access other features such as market reviews, education portal, and alerts for price. They also get a bonus of 30%.

Then comes the beginner account, which requires a deposit of $10,000. This is for those who are a bit more experienced. Users get a bonus of 40% and access to a junior account manager. Then the third account is the medium one, which requires $25,000 and offers a bonus of 60%. With this account comes a senior account manager.

If you want to go higher, then you can choose the advanced account that requires a deposit of $50,000 and gives users a bonus of 70%. Users of this account get access to a VIP account manager. The last two accounts are the PRO and VIP accounts. These are meant for professional traders, but they offer the users a lot of benefits.


With the way the world is developing, a lot of people are taking online trading up as a career option. So it is best that traders choose brokers who would bring them a lot of help and success. This review has highlighted the features that make Geneticrypto a really good option for users.

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