Fivoro Review – Is Fivoro A Recommended Forex Broker?

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Here at Free Forex Robot we offer reviews of popular and upcoming trading platforms. Today we are writing a Fivoro review for your reading pleasure.

Fivoro Review

Fivoro logoI am writing this Fivoro review to show you how and why it is a good option in the trading market and how it can aid you to expand your career. It is a well-known fact that trading has become a method of getting rich straightaway if you succeed in figuring out trading techniques and a proper broker like Fivoro. Once you begin trading, you will find yourself making a sufficient amount of money to enhance your lifestyle.

There is a plenitude of instruments such as indices, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies available inside the premises of online trading and all these items possess different benefits.

Without a helping hand of an online broker, you cannot benefit from any of these instruments, and if luckily you find a good broker like Fivoro, then your trading will be automatically boosted. Brokers are responsible for making hard choices on behalf of their customers, and these choices earn them money.

Hundreds of online brokers are working for one or another trader in the market, but only some of them care about their traders. The rest keep their own interests above. In addition, they deceive their customers and rob their hard-earned money whenever they get a chance to do so. That is why you cannot select a broker in haste without reading reviews of traders.

You should read reviews thoroughly on recognized websites before making the final decision about a broker. The review you are reading right now is an attempt to inform you about a broker which is focused on the needs, requirements, and dreams of its customers. This is a detailed review of Fivoro, which will provide you sufficient information below to make a good decision.

Fivoro online broker review

Features And Services Offered By Fivoro

We will go through all the services and facilities provided by Fivoro on its trading platform. First of all, there are multiple digital assets and instruments available on this platform for trading. Secondly, traders can exchange capital from any location in the world. All these features and services make Fivoro a transparent and authentic broker.

Availability Of Multiple Trading Assets

Trading is loaded with benefits, but there is always a risk attached to it. To reduce the risk, experienced traders do not invest their money in a single asset. In lieu, they sprinkle their investment in various assets. In case they suffer a loss in one asset, the other makes up for it. Fivoro provides hundreds of assets to choose from.

You can select any of the assets which you think are the most suitable for you. This brokerage platform allows trading of some modern and highly profitable assets as well, such as CFDs and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, etc.

If you don’t want to indulge yourself in modern assets, then you can opt from the list of traditional assets. For instance, you can exchange foreign currencies with the help of this broker as it is also a rewarding asset.

The best thing about online trading is that there is no time limit. You can trade whenever you want because your broker will be available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Another advantage of Fivoro is that it specializes in trading CFDs, as the name itself suggests, which is why it does not charge any fee on CFDs.

If other brokers charge you a fee, then you should not even consider those brokers as your broker. Having a wide range of options for trading makes it easy for a trader to make a versatile portfolio.

CFDAdvanced trading assets

Convenient Registration Process

Fivoro follows KYC policy. That is why it is mandatory to register yourself with the platform in order to begin trading. But the sign-up process is easy, not tedious. The clients are only asked to submit a personal information form that contains the fields of first and last name, nationality, contact number, and email address.

This information is neither too sensitive nor so private. Then it asks the customer to set a new password which must be strong enough to not be guessed. After the registration process, you are ready to go in without any delay.

Funding Your Account

In any type of business, making an investment is necessary; the same is applicable in online trading. There is no free trial option given by any broker. That is why you need to put money in the wallet provided by the website to start trading. Fivoro in this regard provides numerous payment methods to transfer money in the wallet.

For this essential task, the broker charges no hidden commission that is why it inspires traders to join the platform. Investment and profit are directly proportional to each other, which means that the greater the investment, the greater the profit will be.

Various Trading Accounts

Traders come to brokers because they want services, but not all traders want the same services. Their expectations and demands from the brokerage platforms differ from person to person. To meet these expectations, Fivoro offers five different types of accounts that are configured differently to meet the requirements and expectations of its traders.

For its low-budget clients, it offers Silver and Gold accounts, while for its mid-range clients, Platinum account is reserved. VIPs and upper-class traders want to be treated differently. That is why the platform offers them Diamond and VIP accounts which of course require heavy deposits, but in exchange, they are provided with luxurious features.

Minimum deposit limit, price change alerts, and training of the newcomers are the main differences among these account types. VIP account holders are provided one on one training as well.

Easy Access To Trading Rooms

Traders who work in capital markets gather in a trading space which is named as a trading room or, in other words, a place where traders come to sell and purchase different assets.

Fivoro is built on a different set of preferences when we compare it with other brokers. It focuses mainly on the individual expectations and requirements of customers. Its trading room is available for all and sundry so that users can access the trading room without registering themselves on the platform.

This feature is extremely useful for newcomers who are at the beginning of their careers. On the contrary side, other brokers do not let anyone enter without taking some fee or commission. Fivoro provides leverage on other platforms and brokerages regarding a few things.

Why Should You Go With Fivoro?

There are numerous features that make Fivoro one of the best options for traders. When a trader decides to invest money, his biggest worry is usually the safety of money. I assure you that your investment will remain safe in the hands of this broker, and you can do business without any stress or fear of losing money.

I am giving this surety on the basis of two things. Firstly, your funds will be secured by using the latest artificial intelligence technology, and secondly, the unbreakable nature of the platform itself.

Another important aspect is that this platform specializes in the trading of CFDs, but it is not limited to CFDs only. It provides a facility to trade other instruments as well, for instance, foreign currency exchange and digital currency exchange.

In addition to these, the platform concentrates on its customers so that it can enhance its trading experience with the platform. By using only two or hardly three steps, you can start trading with this user-friendly broker.

One more fascinating feature of Fivoro is that it provides multiple options for funds deposit. There are a few restrictions on some payment methods in some countries. That is why this broker allows you to use a payment method of your own choice.

That is why it has globally become the number one choice of traders. These are not the only plus points of this broker, but these are enough to convince people that it is the most superior trader in terms of services.

Key Security Policies 

As it is said that modern problems require modern solutions, Fivoro uses modern security protocols to counter cyber-attacks for the safe custody of traders’ information. It is quite strict in this matter, and not a single person enjoys immunity in this regard. Once you start using the features and policies of Fivoro, you will become addicted to it.

The security policies that are in use by Fivoro are AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer). KYC bounds traders to submit proof of identity. It is done by uploading pictures of identity cards or driving licenses. While AML requires bank statements to distinguish the source of funds deposit.

AML implementation is crucial to stop money from reaching the hands of terrorists. The enforcement of these policies makes sure that you, your deposit, and your information remain safe and unharmed from hackers. Fivoro has taken these steps for the safety of its traders so that in the near future, its clients don’t suffer.

Fivoro has not left a single stone unturned when it comes to the security of its clients. Its customers are happy with the intensive security steps taken by the platform to ensure safety. It can be proved by the fact that the firm has never been subject to a single cyber-attack so far.

The broker has installed security walls within the website to make sure the security of traders. These security walls act as an antivirus that keeps unauthorized persons away from the premises of the platform. All of these are a combined reason behind this liking of traders towards Fivoro.

The assets of a trader are secured by ultra-modern safety protocols. That is why no hacker can prove a threat to the users. Furthermore, the AML and KYC policies act as precautionary steps to stop problems from developing.

Interactive And Friendly User-Interface

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is astonishing and eye-catching. It is specifically designed to prevent errors or glitches from producing irritating situations. It will not be wrong if I say that it is the GUI that is the reason of Fivoro coming on top of the brokers’ list.

When you open its homepage, you will feel a welcome look at the website interface. A brief description of the features is also available on the website. For newcomers, the interface is simple, comfortable, and easy to understand. It is well configured and properly integrated.

Precedence To Privacy

One of the most important things to look out for prior to registering with any broker is finding out how cautious they are about traders’ personal information. A broker should understand the importance of personal information and consider it as precious as the customers’ money. Fivoro is a broker which fulfills this duty with great care and responsibility.

It is a sad reality that many websites have been accused and found guilty of selling data of their own customers just for the sake of money. Not just one, the data is sold to any third parties. Numerous complaints have been filed against such brokers, but still, they do this unethical business obstinately.

On the other hand, there are some brokers who respect their customers as well as their personal information too. One such broker is Fivoro who has been able to prove its loyalty to its customers. It shields the privacy of its traders and does not get involved in any third-class business.

You will be happy to know the fact that Fivoro has never been accused of this type of misconduct. This fact is proof that Fivoro is the most reliable and trustworthy broker available in the online trading market.

Latest Inspection Tools

Fivoro is a brokerage firm that uses state-of-the-art examining tools and features to enhance the trading experience of its customers. These tools are used as a means to increase the chances of profit. The traders who are in the beginning stages of their career can also avail these tools to double their income. These tools are only available on this particular platform.

No other platform is capable of providing such high-efficiency tools. You will be surprised to know that many other resources are also available on this platform. These tools predict the future of assets by reading and analyzing the previous patterns of movement of their price. This multiplies the chances of making money.

Some indicators are also available on this platform which helps to maximize the profit ratio on investment. There are two types of analysis that are used as a ladder to success. These two types of analysis are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is used to gather the previous data and predict future values.

On the other hand, fundamental analysis closely monitors the current situation and important changes taking place in the trading world to know how these changes will impact the prices both in the short term as well as long term.

Customer Care Service

It gives pleasure and peace of mind to know that your broker is always available and will answer you promptly whenever you need him. Trading becomes as easy as slicing a cake when your broker is at your service 24/7. Fivoro’s customer support team does its job efficiently because its top priority is to help its traders in every hour of need. That is the reason traders feel peace of mind whenever they visit this website.

When you face a problem or have a query, you can feel free to contact the customer support agent who will be waiting for you. In order to get help, the trader only needs to click on the “Contact US” link, which is provided on the homepage of the website for customers’ convenience.

You will have to provide minimal information such as name and email address, and then you will write your problem or query, which you want to be answered in the given box. After writing your issue, you will click on the “submit” button, and your request will be forwarded to the team.

The platform has provided another option to contact customer care service as well. It is through an email address. You can write your problem and email it to Fivoro. You will be responded without any unnecessary delay.

Competent And Experienced Staff

The progress of any organization depends on the devotion and determination of its staff. That is why Fivoro has hired the best workers available in the market. Additionally, the broker has hired some consultants and financial experts as well who train and guide the traders on various occasions.

It is true that the hard work of its dedicated staff members is the reason behind the success of Fivoro. The customer support agents of the platform stay in reach of traders 24 hours a day to resolve the issues. These agents provide timely and appropriate solutions to the customers.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Fivoro is the most reliable, trustworthy, and advanced broker in the market, which provides you the best features for trading. These features enable the users to become a successful and prosperous traders in a short time.

The broker is not limited to CFDs only and allows trading of digital currencies and Forex pairs as well. With its uncountable features, it deserves a try, and after that, it will automatically make you one of its thousands of praisers.

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