Ethereum Co-Founder Di Iorio Decides To Leave The Crypto Industry

Co-Founder at Ethereum, Anthony Di Lorio, gives up on Crypto, saying that society doesn’t need Digital Assets.

As reported by Bloomberg on Friday 17th July, the Co-Founder has decided to leave the crypto industry, fearing his own safety in the crypto space. Anthony has also decided to sell his Digital Asset company named Decentral in order to get rid of himself from all the crypto-based projects he was working on until now. Anthony also said that if the problem set was a bit bigger, then he would have been in a much safer spot.

Anthony’s History with Ethereum and Decentral

Anthony was one of the eight founders of Ethereum who started working on the project back in 2014. He also worked on the position of Chief Digital Officer in the main Stock Exchange of Toronto city five years ago. In recent times, he has been involved in investing and advisory services for Startup companies. His company, Decentral, first appeared in 2016, focused on operating a crypto wallet named Jaxx Liberty, having more than a million users so far.

After 2016, Anthony had been traveling around with a security team by his side, as reports have claimed that his net worth has reached nearly a billion dollars in value. In 2017, Anthony became sort of a highlight in the industry when he purchased one of the biggest condos in Canada, worth around $22Million in value. The surprising factor was that some of the payments were made in cryptocurrency, showing the support of the real estate business towards cryptocurrency.

In his decision to sell Decentral, Anthony is expecting to sell his company for a triple-digit in Millions and is only going to accept cash or some equity part in other companies, completely rejecting any offers that involve cryptocurrency. Anthony has also decided to revoke any involvement in blockchain-based startups.

Further Plans

Anthony has plans to invest in a Project named Arrow, which is based on making Canada’s first every carbon-free vehicle. Anthony focused on his new intentions, saying that he wants to solve real-world problems rather than being involved in the crypto industry.

Other Founders

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is currently the only person who is still involved in Ethereum, while others such as Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood have been working on their own blockchains. Some others have already left the crypto space to work on other projects.

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