Coin Bureau Says CHZ Is One Of The Most Interesting Cryptocurrencies Right Now

Coin Bureau, a well-known cryptocurrency influencer, spoke about what he believes could be one of the most interesting and ‘hot’ cryptos in the entire industry right now. He is referring to the fintech platform Chiliz and its native token CHZ.

Chiliz is essentially a fintech platform meant primarily for the sports and entertainment industry. It is meant to enable fans all over the world to get closer to their favorite sports clubs, players, and teams. This article will thus go in-depth as to why CHZ is considered ‘hot’ crypto at the moment.

A YouTube video by the name of ‘Chiliz: Crypto, NFTs and Sports Fans – Ultimate Combo’ had been released on the Coin Bureau channel on the 23rd of March. Since then, it has managed to receive nearly 160,000 views, and at the time of this writing, the channel has garnered 616,000 subscribers. The video itself was essentially detailing the various aspects of Chiliz, in addition to explaining both how and why this cryptocurrency can be the best option for sports and entertainment fans, as well as the relationship it could have with the rapidly rising NFT craze.

The Chiliz team itself had described the project as being an alternative choice for currency meant for products and services that are backed by the blockchain and directed towards everyday consumers. Moreover, the team elaborated on the desire to elevate fan engagement for entertainment, alternative options for payment regarding conventional products, everyday experiences, and more. Chiliz thus gives its consumers various sports and entertainment services and entities and combines them with blockchain technology and tools in order to further help with engagement and monetization.

Potential for partnerships with Chainlink and Enjin

Chiliz had also announced the integration with Chainlink for the purpose of minting non-fungible tokens in real-time. This is of the utmost significance as this will enable Chiliz to make dynamic and effective NFTs in direct response to any sporting events that may occur in the real world. This will also allow for the minting of limited edition non-fungible tokens as well as the attachment of tangible sports teams and clubs related perks and benefits to NFTs.

Lastly, there had also been a partnership formed with Enjin, which was directed towards making ETH-based collectibles and memorabilia for various partner teams and clubs.

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