Cardano To Deploy Its Decentralized Identity Solutions (IDs) To Several Schools In Africa

Cardano’s developer Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) and the Blockchain firm has announced the partnership with the Ethiopian government to launch its world’s biggest Blockchain in Africa to digitize the education sector and to entertain almost 5 million students and teachers with the Blockchain-based IDs at initial stages. This step will monitor the performance of schools and the academic performance of both teachers and students.

John O’Connor, the director of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) for African operations disclosed his intentions and plans via a blog post where he stated that Cardano firm is going to deploy the Atala PRISM based decentralized IDs to the millions of students and teachers and thousands of schools currently operating in Africa.

Moreover, he said that the purpose of this partnership is to digitize the education system by modifying the teaching and learning methodologies and hence, began with granting the advanced Blockchain tech-based IDs to students and teachers. Initially, the framework will be implemented over 5 million students, 750,000 teacher and 3500 colleges of Africa to carve out locations and causes of underachievement by efficiently targeting the educational resources.

John also claimed that this IDs solution proposed by Cardano will help and enable the authorities in monitoring the school performance and to verify the grades digitally. More interestingly, he claimed that the team behind Cardano, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) is focused to boost education and employment across Ethiopia. It is expected that digitally blockchain-based verified education will be playing a central role to root out fraudulent education and employment by increasing the social mobility and awareness in Africa for effective education and employment.

Cardano seems to be determined for long-lasting plans to keep this partnership strong and effective as it foresees the development of Blockchain-based National IDs as well for students and teachers for the welfare of tertiary academic institutions as well. This project will also be implemented over universities’ level as well in the coming time for validation and verification of the educational credentials of the applicants.

At the beginning of April, Charles Hoskinson the CEO and Founder of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) hinted that the Cardano firm is planning to create business opportunities across the African continent for sake of expansions in Africa and the digitalization of the continent. The firm is determined to scale up the education system, job and business opportunities and resources in Africa.

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