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Forex Trading Robots

Here at Free Forex Robot we provide you with a short description of a selected group of forex robots. The real hype about our website that is driving the forex community wild is the fact that we are offering traders free forex robots.

That's right, whichever one you are interested in, not only the ones listed here, we will get it to you absolutely free.

Just leave us your full contact information and we will instruct you on how to get a full legal version of a free forex robot.

Forex Robot

Fap Turbo Free Download

Fap Turbo is one of the first forex robots to have hit the forex market.

It uses a scalping strategy that has proved itself profitable throughout the last few years and that is why it has gained so much popularity amongst traders.

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Forex Automoney Free Download

Forex Automoney is a signalling service that offers a trial period for 4$. Afterwards they charge 99$ a month for high quality signals.

Here at Free Forex Robot we can get you a free Forex Automoney membership.

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Forex Automoney Free Download

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Forex Luger Free Download

Forex Luger is also another forex robot that has been on the market for a while now. This forex robot works well if you know how to set it up correctly.

It works best on the EUR/USD using the one minute time frame. Since this robot is highly dependent on the brokers feed be sure to work with a good broker when using this forex robot.

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Forex Bulletproof Free Download

We have seen this forex robot give a 5% monthly profit throughout the past six months.

We recommend running the Forex Bulletproof forex robot on a separate account. Be sure to let it run a few weeks and then withdraw a portion of the profits. This way you'll make a stable profit without risking the entire account.

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Forex Bulletproof Free Download

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Forex Crescendo Free Forex Robot

Forex Crescendo by Mark Mcrae has been making a steady profit around 4.5% on a monthly basis. The creator of this forex robot is a seasoned trader himself and his robot has proven itself on the market in the passed 8 months.

On our 5000$ trading account it made an average weekly profit of 1.1% and had no loosing weeks or months.

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Forex No Loss Free Forex Robot

The Forex No Loss Robot uses a unique strategy that allows it to stay profitable in almost any market. It's mathematical analysis of the different markets separates it from other forex robots.

This robot is relatively new on the market so we recommend running it on a demo account first.

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Forex No Loss Robot Free Download

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Forex Megadroid Free Download

Even though the creators of the Forex Megadroid Forex robot claim to have a 97% winning ratio we found that it had an 89% winning ratio. This still puts it second only behind the Fap Turbo forex robot.

In the past 10 months it has shown to be one of the most profitable forex robots available today.

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Forex Megadroid Free Download

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Forex Morning Trade Free Forex Robot

This is an easy to learn trading system developed by Mark Fric.

If you decide to use forex morning trade then we recommend keeping the lot size at 0.1 and to make sure the GMT offset is set to that of your broker (the indicator as well as the expert advisor).

We recommend trading the GBP/USD currency when using this system.

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Forex Morning Trade Free Download

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Forex Overdrive Free Forex Robot

There has been a lot of hype around this forex robot. The Forex Overdrive is an excellent integration of mathematics and sold money management.

It gradually increases the lot size and the net account worth with almost no losses.

This forex robot once went three months straight without a single loss.

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The Forex Signals - Free Forex Robot

The Forex Signals crew is based on Tom Strignano & Vladimir Ribakov. From our experience with their signalling system Vlad seems to create much less signals. However, Vlad's signals are very accurate and usually the more profitable ones.

We recommend their signalling service and specifically recommend Vlad's signals.

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The Forex Signals Free Download

The Forex Signals Review

Now that you have seen what we had to say about a few different robots remember that there are literally hundreds of robots out there. Each of these robots cost between 50$-450$. Some of them require a membership that can cost over 200$ a month.

This is why we have created Free Forex Robot. We offer free forex robots to whoever is interested in getting a free copy of whatever forex robot they want without having to pay hundreds of dollars.

So if you are interested in hearing more then just fill in the form above an we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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