US SEC May Approve Various BTC ETFs Soon

The market of cryptocurrency has been expecting the approval of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) on behalf of the SEC (Securities-and-Exchange Commission) up till now. Before October, various analysts anticipated that such expectations would be fulfilled during this month. Currently, the sentiments through which these probabilities are driven are getting more robust because the U.S. SEC (Securities-and-Exchange-Commission) has issued instructions for securely making investments in the funds that trade in Bitcoin (BTC) futures. Yesterday, through a tweet, the SEC’s investor-education branch posted an investor-bulletin link that firstly got issued during June just two days in advance of the issuance of the initial U.S.-listed mutual funds of BTC futures from ProShares/ProFunds.

The bulletin, being issued by a mutual effort of the CFTC’s OCEO (Office-of-Customer-Education-and-Outreach) and OIEA (Office-of-Investor-Education-and-Advocacy), pushed the investors to carefully deal with the potential benefits and risks involved in any fund having exposure to the market of Bitcoin futures. It added that it is even now an extremely speculative investment to acquire Bitcoin exposure as well as market manipulation and fraud are the frequently experienced issues in this respect. That is why, it elaborated, the regulators have not given the green light to Bitcoin exposure, and the investors should have this awareness.

Nonetheless, the bulletin focused more on the likely capabilities of the futures ETFs as they offer a kind of protection to the investors according to the laws that permit for their creation “1940’s Investment-Company-Act.” The bulletin demanded the funds to observe severe valuation, liquidity, and custody laws. It further advised that the intending investors should consider the constantly present risk of being deprived of the complete investment and the individual risk tolerance thereof in advance of deciding on purchasing any “Bitcoin-futures-ETF.”

Most importantly, there is no trend in the market to educate the investors regarding trading. As per today’s report from Bloomberg, which is composed by Katie Griefeld, many chief sources acquainted with the situation of ETFs have pointed out that no further opposition would be put forward by the government against the ETFs of Bitcoin futures. According to Sayffart, the report is an assurance that approval for several ETFs of Bitcoin is to be confirmed during the next week. Presently, the “Volt-Crypto-Industry-Revolution-and-Tech-ETF” is the nearest thing to an ETF of cryptocurrency, and it got approved during this month too.

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